Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tennessee Smokies Summer Reading Program

Check out the Tennessee Smokies Summer Reading program
The Summer Reading Program is for little Smokies fans 12-and-under who love to read. The more your child reads the more he/she can win. Some of our great prizes have included Smokies baseball tickets and the opportunity to attend the Program's celebration picnic towards the end of the season!

The Summer Reading Program contains five levels of participation that are to be completed by each child participating. To complete a level all your child has to do is read 10 books, 10 chapters, or have 10 books read to him/her (if your child is not reading yet). Once your child has completed his/her first level, bring the Level 1 reading program form to our ticket office at Smokies Park, and exchange it for prizes and tickets to Smokies
Head HERE to read more about it
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