Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enter to win a FREE Wanchai Ferry Prize Pack

I made a yummy little dinner the other night.
And by made, I mean I poured it in a skillet and "Stir Fried" it for about 15 minutes and served it.
My favorite people over at MyBlogSpark and Wanchai Ferry sent me a free package of their new flavor
Beef and Broccoli to try out.
It was so good and so easy to make, and it saved us a trip to a restaurant (my 4 year old wanted stir fry)
Wanchai Ferry Beef & Broccoli comes with tender beef strips, and an assortment of Asian-style vegetables, including broccoli florets, red peppers and water chestnuts. It even includes rice and a rich brown sauce accented with soy and garlic.
There are also two additional new flavors of Wanchai Ferry frozen entrées, Kung Pao Chicken and Szechuan Style Chicken, which will soon join five other delicious varieties including Orange Chicken, Shrimp Lo Mein, Spicy Garlic Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken.

So here's the deal. One Knoxville On A Dime reader will win a Wanchai Ferry prize pack,
which includes a VIP coupon for a FREE Wanchai Ferry Meal and 2 Tea Sets (I got these too, they are super cute and the tea was yummy)
To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know you subscribe
via email or through a reader.
Or leave a comment on Facebook with your name and email.
Feel free to send me an email directly to enter, I know some of you don't like to leave your info for all to see.
Please include you name and email so I can contact you if you win!!!
I will announce a winner on Friday morning.

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