Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Group buying least a little bit

Is anyone else confused by all of this group buying stuff???

I am trying to navigate my way through what is legit and what is just collecting your info and giving you nothing.
I have been working with Seize the Deal for a few months and they are going to be launching soon.
If you haven't signed up yet, you can do that HERE
Here's the deal

Sign up and everyday you will get a deal delivered to your inbox, all of the deals are for Knoxville businesses and all are 50-90% off.
A certain number of people have to want the deal in order for it to be "seized"
If you are not interested just wait for the next days deal.
This is set to lauch in about 2 weeks.

But there is also may have seen them in this Knox News Sentinal last week.
They a local Knoxvillians and they ARE up and running
(They are also giving away an iPad to a lucky subscriber)
This is not actually group buying but the deals are 50-90% off and the vary from restaurants to web design.
Just like the group buying sites, there will be a deal of the day. If you want it, buy it - if you don't wait for the next deal.
Click HERE to visit SugarSave and start getting deals delivered to your inbox!!!

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