Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap diapers from

Do you all remember this post I made last month?
Well, if you have the August code from Parent's Magazine and you also have the
September issue if Parent's Magazine you will find yet another 20% off code.
And guess can stack them!!!
Here's how my deal just worked
Items: $39.49 (1 Box of Size 4 Pamper's Baby Dry 176 count)
Shipping & Handling: $24.05
Subscription Discount -$11.85 (You can cancel the subscription after ordering)
Free Shipping -$24.05
Promotion Applied -$7.90 (August 20% code)
Promotion Applied -$7.90 (September 20% code)
Your Coupon Savings -$1.50 (Amazon Coupon)
Total Before Tax: $10.34
Estimated Tax: $0.00
Order Total: $10.34

That's about $0.05 per diaper....WaaHoo!!!

I am so devoted to the Target diapers but I think this may be a better deal
Amazon if offering 30% off diapers right now through their Subscribe and Save program HERE.
To make the deal even better, if you get Parents magazine, on page 96 there is a coupon code for 20% off diapers on Amazon - which gives you 50% off!!!
You also get FREE 2 day shipping when you sign up for the program.
You can choose to have a delivery every month or up to every 6 months.

Price = $40.49
Sign up for Subscribe and Save (on the right side of the page)
That will bring you total down to $28.34($0.16 each)
With the Parents magazine coupon code your total will come down to $22.68 ($0.12/diaper)
If you do not want to subscribe you can just cancel your subscription after receiving the diapers.
(I am hoping I can find the 20% code)
Thanks Kathy
You can run this deal with Luvs and get diapers for $0.11 each which is right on target with Target, maybe a little cheaper and you are not paying the sales tax which saves you another 9%


  1. I wouldn't do it. I usually get diapers at Target for .09 - .11.

  2. It would depend on what diapers you order, I used Pampers before I used Target diapers so that would be the brand I would return to if needed. I think that if you ran the same deal with Luvs you may come out about the same at Target and remember with Amazon you are not paying sales tax which in our great state is a pretty good deal.

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  4. How do Target diapers compare with Pampers?

  5. I really like the Target diapers, I used Pampers when my girls were Newborn because I got a ton of them as gifts and I really like the Swaddlers. But after the free diapers run out, I am all for the Target diapers, they are not crunchy like Luvs and they have never leaked. They are usually priced arount $11-$13/ box and there are coupons for them too (usually peelies on the box). I am also a fan of the Target formula...I switched from Enfamil to that and never had a single problem.

  6. Sam's Club sells a box of 252 Pampers Swaddlers for $37.98 which comes out to 6.5 cents each, which isn't a bad deal and much easier!! I'm all for easy just 4 weeks from my due date!! :D