Friday, July 16, 2010

Cheap Crayola products at Kroger and catalina deal

Thanks Danielle or the info and the email about this Crayola deal at Kroger!!!
(She found this at the Kroger on Broadway)

Crayola 10 pks of markers for $1.00 (reg price said 4.19)
Crayola 24 pks of crayons for .25 (reg price said 2.39)
Crayola Colored pencils for $1.50 (reg price said 2.59)

Plus, there is a catalina printing. Here's the info on the catalina-
From July 11th to August 21st, spend $10 on the following school supplies, get $2 OYNO (on your next order). If you spend $20 or more you will get $4 OYNO.

These are the included items:
♥ Backpacks and lunch kits
♥ Top-Flight Marble Composition Book
♥ Top-Flight 100 sheet filler paper
♥ Crayola 24-pack crayons
♥ Oxford Twin-Pocket Portfolios
♥ Top-Flight 1 subject notebook (70 pages)
♥ A&W School Box
♥ Crayola Classic 10 ct. markers
♥ Crayola 12 pack colored pencils
♥ Avery 3-pack glue sticks
♥ Avery 1" binder
♥ Top-light Wireless Notebooks (80 pages)
♥ Pentel Wow! 5-pack pens
♥ Bic Cristal pens 10-pack (Use: $1/2 from 8-9-09 SS if you still have it)
♥ Office Works 500 sheet Multi-purpose paper
This is a list of items confirmed to be working, but according to the announcent about the Catalina, it includes brands like Expo, PaperMate, Mead, Sharpie, Crayola, Avery, Five Star and UniBall.

So, tonight I got-
3 packs of the markers @ 1.00 each
4 packs of the crayons @ .25 each
My total was $4.00, then I got the catalina for $4.00! I hope this helps somebody :)


  1. I was curious of how you got the $4 OYNO when you only purchased $4 in items. I thought it was a $20 purchase.

  2. She got the $4 catalina because the catalinas are based on the original price of the item, not the sale price so she purchased 3 packs of markers at $4.19 each and 4 packs of crayons at $2.39 each which totaled $22.13, that triggered the catalina. Then her Kroger card gave her the sale price which brought it all down to $4.

  3. They counted the regular price of the items towards the $20. Regular price of my purchase above was $22.13. Danielle

  4. oh ok. I will definitely be doing this deal. One can never have too much overstock. Thanks for sharing!