Monday, July 12, 2010

Curtains on Clearance at Lowes - up to 75% off!!!

Here is the thing about a rainy day.
I am truly greatful for another day of rain (as is the garden)
and I am actually kind of greatful that I don't have to take the kiddos to the pool today.
But when you are sitting in your house you have a chance to look around and notice all the things you want to fix/decorate...and then you think about how much it will cost...sigh.
But here is a little good news, Lowes is clearing out their curtains
so I can finally (hopefully) take the bedsheets down in my bedroom!!!
A fellow blogger found the curtains above for $4.95 per panel down from $20 per panel.
I am heading over there today to check it out ( I am sure selections will vary greatly from store to store)

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