Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I went, I shopped, I saved

My poor kiddos, they are going to grow up thinking that
you always have to take pictures of the things you buy.
I did my best to stimulate the economy yesterday, the curtains were definitely NOT a necessity but it was such an incredible deal.
So let's start at Lowe's

I picked up 8 panels for $55!!!
This comes out to less than $7 per panel, all were originally priced $29-$39 each
It would have totaled $274, so I saved 80%!!!
(I already had the hardware and rods which saves me a fortune)

Next stop was Target. I am still trying to exhaust my $1/1 Target Bounty coupons.
There was plenty of Clean and Clear product on the shelves for the stacking deal (They were $0.54 each)
And I also got 2 of the Red Baron Pizza by the Slice (Priced $2.50 each, new $2/1 coupon HERE)
Total Spent at Target $19.71 with a coupon savings of $27!!!
Final Savings of 59%
I discovered that even with a coupon the Smart Rinse is still pricey but it gets my girls to brush so, final price=priceless.

The next stop was Walmart (both pictures above) As much as I try to avoid it, they have great prices on staple items.
I spent $41 and saved $26 with coupons, that's about as good as I can get it at Walmart.
I purchased several non-coupon items that were still a good deal.
The large bottles of apple juice(96oz) were just $1.37 each!!!
And green grapes were  just $1.38/lb
The Great Value whole wheat pastas were $.70 each
Also if you are looking for the best place to use the $2.50/1 Finish coupon, Walmart is your place.
The box of 20 was $2.94 ($4+ everywhere else I looked)
You can only use 1 Q per transaction (and it will beep if you use more)

My last stop was Kroger and I didn't take a picture because there was too much.
I saved $20 just on Mega Event items, I got the Idahoan Potatoes, a nice stockpile of Easy Mac, cheese, lunch meats and of course I used my avocado coupons from last week - yum!!!
I used 6 $.50/1 Puffs Tissues coupons I got from Vocal Point, so I got them for just $0.29/box.

My final price at Kroger was $63, I saved $76.73 in coupons/mega event savings
for a final savings of 56%

So my grocery total for the day (Lowe's purchase excluded)
$253.44-129.73 in coupon savings for a final price of $123.71
An overall savings of 52% for the day
And I did it with 2 kids with me, which may have helped...the cashier sees how flustered you are and they don't question your coupons :)

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