Thursday, July 15, 2010

What to do with your junk e-mail

When I lived in Richmond, I ate at Chipotle ALL the time, it is so good.
And even though we do not have one here they have this really cool program that I really like.
Here is what it says on their Facebook page

Help us turn junk into something good. Forward your unwanted mail to And we’ll turn it into better school lunches.
If we hit 500,000 junk mails, we’ll donate $50,000 to The Lunch Box.
And that translates into a bunch of better-fed school kids.

The Lunch Box is an organization that enables all schools and school districts to make a healthy difference for all children in America by providing relevant information and the tools necessary to make good food available for all kids.
I thinks I can send 500,000 junk emails in a week.

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