Tuesday, August 3, 2010

$25 off $25 from Gardens Alive

Did anyone else get the new Gardens Alive catalog in the mail in the past few days?
I looked at it and figured the coupon was $25 off $50+ order but when I read it, it is $25 off $25 purchase.
I haven't decided yet what I want to order, maybe some bulbs or garden cover for the winter.
If you didn't get it, go HERE to request a FREE catalog, this is the 2nd time in a year they have sent out this coupon so it is a good mailing list to be on.
If you did get it, I think you can just enter the source code from the back online to get the credit, hopefully you don't have to mail it in...when is the last time you mailed an order in anyways?
(JCPenny Wish Book circa 1988 for me)

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