Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Great Deals with the new Target Coupons

Well, my Target trip did not go as well as I had wanted it to today but I did find some pretty good finds, even with 2 children running in circles around me (apparently the sight of my coupons sends them into a tizzy)

I used the $2/1 Merona Women's shirt to get a tank top for $2.
I got a pair of flip flops for $0.49 with the $3/1 Merona shoe coupon
and I added a Dora DVD to the Christmas pile with the $3/1 coupon
(there were $5 Dora DVDs near the checkout)

They are still available to print HERE

Check out the frozen clearance foods too...I got 2 Stouffer's Chicken Lasagna's for $3 each. They are so yummy!


  1. What Target did you go to that had the $5 Dora DVDs at the front of the store?

  2. The one in North Knoxville, behind the East Town Mall