Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pillow Pets for $7.64 TODAY ONLY

Oh how the Pillow Pet has been begged for in this home...
and oh how happy I am that I finally found a deal on them :)
I'm going to have Christmas shopping done by October at this rate.
Head over to Orange Onions HERE, you can get Pillow Pets for just $7.64 (Today ONLY)
Just use code Deal10 at checkout (there will be a $0.25 charge called "Bond", click to take this off)
Shipping is around $6
These are $20-$30 anywhere else so it is a really great deal - it was $21.23 for 2 with shipping.
Thanks Alicia


  1. Was there only 6 choices when you ordered yours?

  2. There was maybe 10 to choose from when I ordered, two were not on sale and the others were on sale.

  3. oh ok. I searched pillow pets and that's what it brought up. Thanks!