Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is a catalina?

Sometimes I get ahead of myself and I love that you all call me out on it :) -
Really I do.
So here is a quick lesson in Catalinas

Catalina Marketing is an advertising company, and they're connected to the BIG grocery stores...Kroger, Ingles, Target, etc.  When you are checking out, they are the machines next to the register.
They print coupons, ads and more importantly "catalinas".
There are 2 types
On Your Next Order (OYNO) Catalina
These types of Catalina coupons are for promotions where you *purchase 3 and receive a Catalina valued at $2 to use on your next order.*
For example, my Kroger trip
The Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Fiber One Bars and Nature's Valley bars will produce an ONYO catalina
Buy 3 get a catalina for $1.50 ONYO
Buy 4 get a catalina for $2 ONYO
Buy 5 get a catalina for $3 ONYO

This is why I did 2 transactions
I knew that my first transaction would produce catalinas and I wanted to use them in a second transaction to cut down on my out of pocket expense.

Manufacturer Coupon Catalina
This produces a manufacturers coupon for your next order for a specific item, where as ONYO catalinas go towards any items purchased.
For example
If you do the Juicy Juice deal at Target this week it is producung catalinas for more Juicy Juice.

How do you find out about them?
The catalina machine will usually print out "ads" for upcoming catalina offers
Kroger is VERY good about marking items.
This is why I link to the Southern Savers for the shopping lists because they always know
what is available and coupons that match-up with them for the most savings.

One more thing about the catalinas.
Sometimes they are produced based on amount spent.
For example
Kmart had an offer that stated "Get $10 for a future purchase when you buy $30 in participating products"
I purchased the $30 worth and then threw a bunch of coupons at them and paid about $15 and still got the $10 catalina. So the cataina is based on the pre-coupon price.

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