Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did you get scammed?

2 Days ago there was a freebie that swept the blogoshpere.
It was for a free can of Pringles Extreme - it was a Facebook offer and you had to run an app to get it.
You did not see this deal on Knoxville On A Dime because quite frankly I have learned to not
just rush to post things without making sure it's legit.
And sure enough with about 2 minutes of research it became very obvious that this was a big ole scam.
This offer was a SCAM and if any of you happened to see this on other sites and signed up for it then there are a few things you need to do

1.Once in your Facebook account, go to “Account”
2.Click on “Application Settings”
3.Find “Pringles Extreme” in your list and click the “x” button to remove it.
4.Click “OK” when it asks you to verify

Unfortunately if you ran the app then it's hard to say what information of yours is now out there.
If I ever post something on Knoxville On A Dime then please know that I personally have tried or tested the info to make sure it is legitimate.  Facebook has been an awesome resource for coupons and savings and most of those offers do not require you to allow apps to take your info.  I don't post offers that require you do this - I don't like it and I don't need to save money that desperately that I would compromise my info and the info of my family.
I should have made this post the other night when I saw every blog posting this freebie,
and I apologize for not doing so.
If I hear any more info about this then I will pass it along to you all.

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