Saturday, September 25, 2010

Direct TV - 5 months FREE of Direct TV's Best Package + FREE HD for life!

OK, this is a little off my beaten path as far as posts go but I know we are all looking for ways
to cut back and save a little $$$ and I love our Direct TV and think this is a super deal!!!
This offer will end on October 6, 2010 so you will want to take advantage of this as soon as possible.
I will not mention the name of my previous cable company (It started with a "C" and ended with an "R").
I had constant problems with billing and the customer service could not even be called that, I would even go directly to their office to try to resolve things and it was always a fiasco...and they jacked the prices up periodically - I really enjoyed that part.
When we moved to the B.F.E section of Morristown several years ago we had to switch to satellite because that was our only option.
We called them and 2 hours later someone was at our home hooking it all up - I almost passed out when someone showed up that fast.  They were always so wonderful - and so much less expensive that when we moved to Knoxville we just kept our service with them...they were at our home hooking things up before our furniture had even arrived, they spent an entire day with us hooking up each TV and DVR box and my husbands HD connections, the guy even helped us run wires through the wall - no charge (I felt obliged to feed the guy though).

OK, that is my totally un-solicited and non-compensated opinion of Direct TV.
So here is there current deal (I wish I could get this)
Get 5 months FREE of Direct TVs best TV package when you buy NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ for $59.99/mo. for 5 months.
Every premium movie channel included (HBO, Showtime, Etc)
Over 285 channels 
Includes over 35 specialty sports networks, like CBS College Sports, GolTV, YES Network
Get every NFL game every Sunday — in HD
NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ To-Go included at NO extra charge: Every Sunday NFL game LIVE on your computer or smartphone. $49.95 value!
NO extra charge for local channels
NO startup costs & NO equipment to buy
FREE standard professional installation

You will also get FREE HD for LIFE!!!
And they will upgrade 2 boxes to HD or HD-DVR for FREE!!!
When your 5 moths is over, cancel your Sunday Ticket and still just pay $59.99/month.
Even if you don't want to take advantage of this deal, there are plans that start at just $29.99/month.
We have the $39.99 plan (we don't ever watch the premium channels)
I have every channel I love - Bravo is my favorite =) and
our bill is lower that it ever was with cable.
Head over to Direct TV HERE and take a look.
You can order it all online and schedule your installation, it is so easy.

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