Thursday, September 9, 2010

Neilsen - Another easy and fun way to make some $$$

I can't believe I left this out of my post earlier today.
Another way to add a few coins to the old wallet is with Nielsen.
OK, I am a little bummed that they have never picked me for this particular project but I have received emails from several readers who have been selected and they LOVE it.
Especially if you have children, you get this cool little scan gun and all you have to do is scan the items that you buy at the store...that would make my girls entire day.
What do you get out of it?
You will collect points and earn instant rewards, points can be traded for cash or products.
This makes it so easy-unpack the grocery bags, line them up, hand the scanner to the kids and put it up as they are scanning it.
Maybe one of these days they will pick me....a girl can dream :)
Head over to Neilsen Home Scan HERE to sign up.

PS...I was selected for the Neilsen TV ratings (probably because I applied to this)
They sent me $40 cash and a little booklet to write down what my family watched over a week.

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