Monday, September 20, 2010

TInkerbell and Beauty and the Beast - Last Day for the $20 Deal Scenario

OK Melody, this one is for you (and me too)

Is anyone else going to do the Tinkerbell/Beauty and the Beast Deal I talked about the other day?
I know it is sort of confusing so I am going to put it in my own words and see if it helps.

You will have to do this deal today (Monday) to make it work.

1.  Head to Toys R Us and go over to the movies section (should be on an end cap)
You will find cards to pre-order Tinkerbell and Beauty and the Beast
I got one of each and went to check out, give them the Tinkerbell card
 (save the Beauty and the Beast for tomorrow)
You will pay $10 to pre-order the movie, keep your receipt and card.
The card entitles you to a $10 TRU Gift Card when you pick up the movie.

2.  Go to Toys R Us tomorrow. Get your copy of the movie and your Beauty and the Beast pre-order card.
I suggest handing them the Beauty and the Beast pre-order card 1st.
You will save $10 instantly on any Blu-Ray purchase made that totals $19.99 or more.
Then have them ring up Tinkerbell which should be $19.99 since you have already paid $10.
The instant $10 for pre-ordering B&B should come off.
You will pay the $5 deposit on Beauty and the Beast and get back a $10 Gift card back for pre-ordering Tinkerbell

3.  Last step
Head back to TRU on October 5th, get your copy of Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray($29.99)
You have already paid $5.
Use your $10 Gift Card from the Tinkerbell purchase
You will need to enter UPC #717951325037
and pay $5.

When all is said and done, you have paid $20 for both movies on Blu-ray.
Don't forget to hold on to you receipts as I am sure there will be some sort of rebate offer.
Hopefully all will go well with step 2, I already foresee a chat with the manager
(at least at my TRU)
Thanks again


  1. Thanks Kathryn! Maybe we are the only 2 who are trying this. I agree 3 trips this close together is totally crazy. I don't think I go that much in a year! What we do to save money, huh?!

  2. I went today and preordered the Tinkerbell movie. We'll see how it goes!

  3. Hey-I'm not in Knoxville but I'm curious how it went. I had a horrible time today. The store did not understand the promos at all and it was sooo confusing. I was there with my three year old and we were probably there for a hour while the manager tried to sort out oif the $10 instant discount came off or not and why the $10 IP was not scanning as $10. I'm so glad I get a couple weeks until I have to go back!!!