Friday, October 22, 2010

Any Mom-trepreneurs out will want to read this.

This deal is a little off my beaten path but I found it very interesting (as a fledgling business mom)
Plum District usually has good deals on goods but this is a service that some of you may find useful.
$29 for a One-Year Executive Mom Membership in the National Assoc. for Moms in business.
($180 value)

The National Association For Moms in Business, started in 2003, is the only national association representing over 10 million entrepreneurial, executive, and CEO moms. The Executive Mom individual membership is perfect for women who own one-person businesses or who are corporate executives or managers. It gives you access to advertising, business connections, and educational resources, especially in the area of marketing. You can learn how to market without money, how to market specifically to other moms, and can place your business listing in "Mom's Marketplace." Submit and read articles, join discussions, communicate individually with other members...the possibilities for promoting your business and advancing your own acumen are vast.

Just thought I would throw it out there :)
Something for Everyone.
Go HERE to take a look.
(It's the Atlanta deal)
You can get $5 off this deal too if you are new to Plum District by using the link above.

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