Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anybody need and extra $50???

How does an extra $50 sound?
This deal is AWESOME!!!
This is a card intended for teens that allows the parents to track their childrens spending.
It is basically just a re-loadable AmEx Gift Card.
So here is the $50 part.
1.  Head over HERE to register/request a Pass Card for your child/teen.
2.  Customize your card (color/picture)
3.  Load money to the card with your AmEx or Bank Account
4.  The monthly $3.95 fee will be waved for 1yr and the card will be shipped for FREE!
5.  Reload the card before November 30, 2010 and use code PASS50 and AmEx will load $50 to the card for FREE!!!!
Thanks Becky!!!

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