Monday, October 4, 2010

Groupon - The Groupon is back

I am telling you, you will kick yourself if you don't get this Groupon!!!
The Groupon is back.
You can get a $20 voucher for just $10 (Change city to Chicago)
I just used mine to order to HUGE packs of paper towels (40 rolls should last a little while)
I spent $26 -you get FREE shipping at $25 -after my Groupon I paid $6.
They have all sorts of health & beauty items.
If you get the Groupon, you can make the deal even better by shopping at through Ebates HERE which will give you $5 for signing up + 5% cashback on your purchase.
You can sign into your Groupon account HERE.
If you are new to Groupon GO HERE to sign up.

The Groupon is back too (Boston)
and you can change your city to Jacksonville to get 4 movie tickets for just $20!!!

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