Monday, October 4, 2010

Jasmere - Get a great deal on reusable bags that you will actually remember to take with you!

I will be taking advantage of this deal on Jasmere today.
Reusable bags only reduce plastic waste if we remember to take them with us. I am awful about remembering to bring them and most of mine are starting to look pretty shabby.  Flip & Tumble's bags are strong, super-cute - and best of all, they fold up into tiny balls, so you can throw them in your purse & always be prepared. Use today's $35 voucher to stock up on lots of colors & sizes.
The voucher is already down to $16 and remember with Jasmere - the more people who buy, the lower the price gets!!!

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  1. Thanks for bloging about this. Something else that you might find interesting in return is this video I saw on YouTube: