Wednesday, November 10, 2010

$20 to Gilt ***HOT*** deal....lots of FREE gifts!!!!

I know many of you have signed up for Gilt Group in the past.
This is yet another Designer Deal of the Day site.
If you have signed up before, borrow or use another email address to take advantage of this offer.
Go through THIS LINK (and no, it is not my affiliate link) and you will get a $20 credit in your account.
I had to log out and then log back in for it to show up.
There are several items that you can score for FREE with this credit.
If you go to the childrens tab and click on the "Listening Library"
you can pick up a book and pay for shipping all with this $20 credit.
You must use THIS LINK to get this deal!!!
Thanks Mary


  1. They also have this option where you can give 10 email addresses and get free shipping...I just did this with a hat and got my fiance a free hat for hannukah/christmas! :-)

  2. not sure I understand the extended delivery time...anyone?

  3. Just got a message it is shutting down the promo for fraud. People are using different email addresses but same mailing address to get in on the deal more than once.

  4. That's unfortunate, I have an account of my own that was older so I couldn't get the credit so I made my husband sign up to get the deal. I think it kinda crappy that people get so greedy and ruin it for everyone. I should be more clear when I suggest using an alternate email address to get the deal, that doesn't mean create 15 accounts to get a freebie.

    As far as the extended shipping goes, these sites are pretty notorious for slow shipping, they wait until the entire sale is over and then it takes a bit for them to process it. If you need something next week than the group buying/discount sites are not the way to go. It takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks.