Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dr. Oz Show....big giveaways go live at 3pm EST

What are you doing at 3pm today???
The Dr. Oz show is having some huge giveaways at 3pm.
And there are several to choose from.
Each link is specific to the giveaway so you may want to just pick 1 and go after it.

FREE Night's stay at Holiday Inn
For the 1st 300
Enter HERE

FREE Sketcher's Shape Ups
For the 1st 800
Enter HERE

FREE 60 count bottle of Schiff Mega Red
For the 1st 5000
Enter HERE

FREE Pearle Vision Eye Exam
For the 1st 500
Enter HERE

FREE $50 Target Gift Card
For the 1st 5000
Enter HERE

The giveaways do not go live until 3pm EST.
Good luck and let us know if you win anything!
Thanks Collin

1 comment:

  1. I should have known better, but I tried to win something. I filled out the whole form for the Holiday Inn and got an error that the server was too busy (duh!) lol

    Once I went back and tried again, all the nights were gone :(

    Never had any luck with the other prizes. Oh well! Thanks for letting us know about this anyway.