Sunday, November 7, 2010

Housewares Deals - great deals, great merchandise, great gift ideas!!!

Have you all ever heard of Housewares Deals?
This is another deal of the day site but it is deeply discounted Housewares
from companies that you have actually heard of before
 (not the designer sites that you have no clue who the designer is)
The other thing I like is that they show you the future deals too so if you don't like today's deal you can see what is coming up and come back to get it.
Today's deal is
And it comes with FREE spice refills for 5 years.
It is just $19 (shipping is about $5)
I will pass on today's deal because I have more than 5 years of spices in my cabinet but there are some upcoming deals this week that I am interested in.
Check it out HERE, there are definitely some good inexpensive gift ideas

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