Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little money saving love for Nashville :)

OK folks, I am staying true to my Knoxville however, I am beginning to realize that
I have readers in several places ( such as Australia, South Korea, Canada and Germany)
I have no idea how you all found me but we are glad to have you!!!
Locally though I have several people in the Tri-Cities and Nashville so I want to occasionally
throw some offers out there to help you all save a little extra $$$ too!.
All of that being said, if you are in the Nashville area and have not yet discovered MyEZDeals
you will want to check it out.
It's another group buying site like Groupon and Living Social but they have some fantastic deals for the Nashville area, even if you just visit Nashville occasionally sign up for the emails to save some $$$ on your next trip.
Knoxville is in the pipeline but still a ways away.
Sign up for MyEZDeals Daily Email updates HERE and start saving some extra coins Nashville!!!

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