Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lowe's - 100 chances to get a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for just $18.10

All right everyone, I am just the messenger on this one...Lowe's is offering 100 90% off codes on their facebook page at 12:01 other words midnight tonight. 
Tonight's code will give you 90% off this Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer making is just $18.10.
So here is what you will have to do:
1) Go Like Lowes on Facebook HERE
2) If you do not already have an account on get one now HERE
3)  At midnight add the Stand Mixer to your cart, I am a bit confused here because they have several on their
website and I am not totally sure exactly which one it is....I will try to figure it out.
But it think it is THIS ONE
4)  You will want to be watching the Facebook page too because when they release the code
you will have to scramble to get to checkout and enter the promo code.
5)  Let us know if you got one

Now by saying I am only the messenger means that their site crashed last night so I can't promise that won't happen again :)

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