Saturday, January 22, 2011

Change is good - Right?!?!

If you follow Knoxville On A Dime on Facebook then you have probably noticed
some changes in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.
I have added a page that lets you print coupons and load electronic coupons right from Facebook,
a Welcome Tab to say "Hi" to newcomers and encourage them to sign up for my Daily Email updates
and a Suggest This tab which I would love for all of you to use to suggest Knoxville On A Dime to your friends and family.

 I have learned so much over the last year of working on Knoxville On A Dime
and I want to continue to make improvements and give you all more of what you want.
For you fellow bloggy people I am getting ready (I think) to make to switch to Word Press - my hopes are that I will be able to be a bit more efficient with my posts and getting the correct links posted.
I am also working on a new layout for my page which should make navigating around and finding things a bit easier for you. 

So now all I need is your feedback.
What would you like to see or not see?
Is there anything that you all would like to see more of or less of?
I love for you all to leave comments and send emails so please feel free to do so over the next few weeks so that I can incorporate some of your ideas into what I am working on.

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