Saturday, January 15, 2011

HOT deals on printer paper - TODAY ONLY

Who else was bummed about the Amazon HP Paper deal that got cancelled the other day?
Here are a few deals that will hopefully make up for that.

Head over to your Office Depot Store and pick up a box(10 reams)
At checkout use THIS 40% off coupon bringing your total down to $25.79.
Then you can submit your receipt for the $20 Pre-paid Visa - this offer will print out with your receipt.
Making your final cost $5.79

Or you can go to Staples and do a similar deal.
Head to Staples and get a box (10 reams) of  Staples Multi-Purpose 8 1/2 x 11 paper for $46.99.
You can use the Office Depot 40% off coupon from above and pay $28.19.
Then you can submit it for the $27 Easy Rebate HERE making your final cost $1.19!

You have to do the deal TODAY because the coupon expires today.

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