Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jetsetter - Get a $75 credit for your next getaway.

If you like to travel (or take mini vacations) then I would like to introduce you to Jetsetter.
It is yet another daily deal site offering great deals on vacations or getaway packages.
Right now you can get a $75 credit in your account to get you started.
They have vacation destinations all over the world and something for almost any budget.
For example Kenswick Hall in Monticello pictured above starts at $140 a night - take $75 off that and you have a great little night away not too far up the road.
The deals will change constantly so you can get the credit and just wait until something comes along that you like.
Here is how to get the credit.
Go HERE and register for an account (this will give you a $25 credit).
Log out and then come back here and click on THIS LINK ($50 credit)
and log back in.
You may have to refresh your account a few times for the credit to show up.
Thanks Mercedes!

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