Saturday, January 8, 2011

TLC orders an "Extreme Couponing" Series

Were you one of the 2.1 BILLION people who tuned in to Extreme Couponing
a few weeks ago?
I was, and while I may not be that extreme I have already saved over $100 just in the first
8 days of 2011 with coupons.
And yes, I can now count fish food in my stock pile :)
So many people watched and the response was so big that TLC has ordered
an "Extreme Couponing" series that will air later in the Spring!
I think this is just perfect, while I don't think you need to have 40 years of toilet paper stockpiled,
or take out insurance on your stockpile (that was a little crazy), I think it inspires those who are thinking about starting to use coupons and encourages us who already do to step it up a few notches so we can save big bucks with each trip to the store.
I can't wait to watch!

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