Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2nd Annual Knoxville Coupon Fair - A reminder and Questions Answered

It's almost that time!
It's less that 2 weeks until the 2nd Annual Knoxville Coupon Fair.
I am so excited :)
Gabrielle from Couponing In Critical Times, is the organizational guru for the fair.
She made a great post today that will help answer any of your questions about the fair such as,
Child Care, Directions, What topics we will cover, Door Prizesm Freebies and Coupons Swapping and much more.
Please check out her post HERE.
When I participated in this last year, as of the morning of the fair we were expecting 100-150 people.
More than 300 people showed up last year and I expect that it could be double that this year.
This is a great chance to get all of your couponing questions answered.

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