Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Second Harvest Food Bank need our help****UPDATE****

My husband just called to let me know that a donation site has been set up.
Donations can be dropped off at his real estate office.
It is Rocky Top Realty 
4313 Ball Camp Pike 
This is the only Rocky Top Office that donations are being accepted at -
the offices are independently owned.
Please call with any questions or email me

As some of you may have heard on the news this evening, Second Harvest
Food Bank was flooded today. 
Most if not all of their supply has been destroyed and they will be closed for at least the next week.
As there are many families that rely on Second Harvest to feed their children, this is 
truly a devastating loss.
Details are still being gathered about what exactly they need and what is the best way to help them.
I encourage you to PLEASE look over your shopping list for the week and try to find some items that
you can add to your list that can then be donated.
You can also look into your stockpile and thin a few items out.
I know there are several great/inexpensive grocery deals this week that would be so helpful for 
Second Harvest and the families that need their help.
Keep in mind that they do not just help families, they help foster programs and schools.
This is a great way to use coupons to really help out our community.

I will post again when I have some more info!
Thanks Melissa

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