Thursday, March 31, 2011

25 Packets of Certified Organic Seeds for just $4.99!!!

I am in love with this deal!
Head over to Seeds of Change HERE to order 25 packets of 
100% organic seeds for just $4.99.
The seeds are free you are just paying shipping.
This would normally be over $75!!!
There are a limited number of these packets available.


  1. How do you sign up? I went to the site and it says that all you have to do is sign up (and pay shipping) to get them, but I can't see a place to actually sign up. My brain is probably tired and it is obvious--help me wise one! ;)
    Thanks for this!

  2. It is saying now that they are out of packets - I will be more than happy to share mine with you...I don't have enough yard for 25 packets of seeds.

  3. I'd love some, but I don't want to hog any that you might use. I realized there were a few things that I should have bought more of when I ordered last.