Thursday, March 24, 2011

A (Chilly) day at the Knoxville Zoo

After days and days of begging I agreed this morning to take my girls to the Knoxville Zoo.
It was a bit chilly but I will take that over boiling hot any day.
We were almost there when I discovered that both ways that I know to get there were closed because of flooding (This is/was Prosser Road).
Fortunately they have clearly marked a detour to get you there safely.
We have had a zoo membership as long as we have lived here and I have to say that it is the
best $90 I spend in a year.
Think about if you go just 1 time with your children - it is about $20/adult and $15/child.
For my family it is $70!!!  For just $20 more we get to go anytime for a year.
If you are new to Knoxville or thinking about a membership then I encourage you to go, 
you can purchase your tickets at Kroger and get $2 off and if you decide after visiting that 
you want a season pass you can apply the purchase price of your admission tickets to the purchase of a season pass.  You can also get $5 off the price of a season pass with a AAA membership.
By the way, you can also pack your own lunches and bring in drinks - that saves a bunch of $$.

Ever see Rhinos fight?
Neither had we, until today - little scary but pretty cool.
And below are my children before they came home and fell over from exhaustion -
that is my not so secret favorite part about the zoo =)

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