Monday, March 14, 2011

Earth Fare - FREE Irish Cheese

If you are out and about today or tomorrow stop into Earth Fare and 
head over to the deli counter.
Just ask for a coupon and they will give you a coupon for FREE Irish Cheese!
Offer Expires tomorrow 3/15


  1. You cannot post these on your site anymore. You have to reccomend customers to sign up via emaail on our site not post the specific coupon on your site. Please remove promptly.

  2. Thank you Richard for your comment, I am not however posting a specific coupon as there is not an actual link to a coupon. Where there is an actual printable coupon I do provide the link for my readers to sign up for Earth Fare's email updates in order to get to the actual coupon. Additionally, the email that was sent to me provided an option for me to share this info and that is exactly what I am doing. If Earth Fare is no longer interested in allowing a rather sizable community of mommy/coupon bloggers to advertise for them for FREE then please contact us all individually at the email addresses we all provide on our individual sites. Thanks again for the comment.

  3. Yes, but the coupon is specifically for those who are in the Earth Fare database. Not for the general public. You didn't even post a link for your "readers" to even sign up. Yes, the option is to forward to a friend who's email you have not post on a website. Earth Fare has had to change their policy on coupon posting due to people abousing the policy.

  4. I am quite offended by the fact that you are suggesting that I am promoting or in some way endorsing people abusing your coupons or any others. You also seem completely unaware of how much "Your database" has grown thanks to the fact that we (bloggers) post these deals for YOU at NO CHARGE. I am in no way compensated by or affiliated with Earth Fare - I work for myself and this is my own personal blog - I do not appreciate you telling me what to write or how to do it. I have every right to post anything that I choose to post. I am however truly flattered that you could have chosen literally thousands of blogs who posted this exact same deal today to post this on and you have chosen mine - it must be my lucky day. I am well aware of the change to your coupon policy - as a matter of fact nearly a year ago today I posted about it

    I always preach and practice the ethical use of coupons to all of my "readers" and I am not removing this or any other post as I am in no way obligated to Earth Fare or anyone else write a post as they see fit.
    I am not sure who you are Richard from Earth Fare but I know what you are - and seeing that I do not use profanity on my website I will let you use your imagination.
    Thank you again.