Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Article - "25 Ways to Waste Your Money"

As I was browsing through some of the other blogs today I can across this article.
While a lot of what is in there is common sense to many, some
of these things never occurred to me until I was much older and had actual financial responsibilities.
Here is a little snippet of the article but you can head over HERE to see the full article.
I think I will put it on our refrigerator.
If you are looking for a little more common sense when it comes to saving some coins and personal finances
head over HERE to Daily Worth, they send out a daily newsletter that I really love.

7. Buying beverages one at a time. If you're in the habit of buying bottled water, coffee-by-the-cup or vending-machine soda, your budget has sprung a leak. Instead, drink tap water or use a water filter. Brew a homemade cuppa joe. Buy your soda in bulk and bring it to work. (Better yet, skip the soda in favor of something healthier.)
8. Paying for something you can get for free. There's a boatload of freebies for the taking, if you know where to look. Some of our favorites include restaurant meals for kids, credit reports, software programs, prescription drugs and tech support. You can also help yourself to all the books, music and movies your heart desires at your local library for free (or dirt cheap).
9. Stashing your money with Uncle Sam rather than in an interest-earning account. If you get a tax refund each April, you let the government take too much money in taxes from your paycheck all year long. Get that money back in your pocket this year -- and put it to work for you -- by adjusting your tax withholding. You can file a new Form W-4 with your employer at any time.
10. Being disorganized. It pays to get your financial house in order. Lost bills and receipts, forgotten tax deductions, and clueless spending can cost you hundreds of dollars each year. Start by setting up automatic bill payment online for your monthly bills to eliminate late fees and postage costs. Then get a handful of files to organize important receipts, insurance policies, tax documents and other statements.
Finally, consider using free budgeting software such as to see exactly where your money goes, making it much harder for you to lose track of it.

Thanks Crystal

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  1. Your No 7 is great, nothing beats plain water and healthy for sure.