Monday, March 28, 2011

Send a text for a chance at a $100 Gas Card!!!

By now I am sure most of you are well aware of my addiction to 
group buying and discount websites :)
If you have to have a guilty pleasure it isn't a bad one to have.
So I get a call today about a new company developing here in Knoxville that is going to deliver these daily deals to you and all you have to do to redeem them is show the business your phone!
They are working on getting things up and running but in the meantime they are giving away a $100 gas card.
Seriously - who could not use that right now???
All you have to do is send a text saying "Deal4 Gas" to 368674.
(Make sure to put a space between "Deal4" and "Gas")
You will receive a text back to confirm.
The contest ends at Midnight on April 1.

***You will receive periodic text messages with local deals, I have been assured that these will not be frequent texts, or else I would not be sharing this. You can text "STOP" at any time to the same number and you will be removed from their updates***

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  1. Be sure to follow the prompts to enter. You will need to reply with 2 txts!