Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where have I been?

I feel as though I owe you all a little bit of an explanation.
Over the past week (almost two) the quantity of my blogging and posting has reduced - as
you have probably noticed.

Fear not!
I will be back at it next week.

The reason for my time away?
I have spent the past 2 weeks trying to put together my presentation for 
teaching couponing classes....seriously folks, I feel like I am in college again.
There are handouts and Power Point presentations and my own notes so I don't stumble and mumble for 2 hours.  
I am sort of ridiculous with making sure that it is perfect and that I am covering all the bases which is much more time consuming than I imagined it would be - who knew that there was so much to know?

Anyways, my first class is Sunday for my friends and neighbors and after that I am finally and officially ready to start teaching classes.
I know several of you have asked me about doing it in the past and I have just not been prepared for it.
If you are interested in hosting a class - at your home, work or church just shoot me an email and we can discuss it.  

In the mean time - between Power Point slides - I will not neglect you for too much longer :)

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