Thursday, April 7, 2011

Extreme Couponing - What are your thoughts?

Extreme Couponing...
Did you watch?

All I can say is that
20 boxes of Cheerios, 18 packs of hot dogs and 35 bottles of Maalox
have never been on my shopping list when I have been planning a party :)

Any thoughts?


  1. I have heard that behind the scenes some stores bent their policies to allow such extreme coupon redemption. Most stores do not carry that much product on the shelves. Also, one of the ladies featured was reported to have used fraudulent coupons in the past as per her blog. I think her first name was Teri. I could be mistaken. Needless to say, I am thrilled to save money, but do not purchase more than one newspaper, and have never paid for coupons from any website. I did not watch the show as my DH was watching something else, but have read several commentaries which express almost awe-like worship to downright disgust over the behaviors demonstrated on "Extreme Couponing".

  2. I am sort of shocked by the show, I love my coupons and have a stockpile of some items - by stockpile I mean a 3-6 month supply but I truly think that my husband would have me committed if I crammed our home full of stuff (free or otherwise). I think it's pretty obvious that there is a little OCD going here along with some addiction issues. Go to the link below to read about the woman featured who has taught people to use fraudulent coupons, it appears that she even did it during the show.

  3. I come from a large family of nine children and my mother had 16 in her family, I can't remember ever having to buy this much to have a party....I don't know how many were on the guest list but I think someone embellished this story....

  4. I didn't watch either but obviously they are going for the super extreme. I really don't stock up for more than 6 weeks and only buy a second paper if I really like some of the coupons that week. This show sounds like it should be one back to back with Hoarders:)

  5. Finally sat down and watched the episodes of Extreme Couponing. It's wonderful that these people are able to save money for their families, but for some reason, it reminds of the parable Jesus told in Luke 12 concerning Greed. I can understand stocking up for your family, but stocking up 3 years worth of items? I just keep thinking about how much places like Second Harvest or sweet Helen & Ellen could use many of those items.