Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A few thoughts about Extreme Couponing

So here we are - The TLC Series Premiere of Extreme Couponing - ugg!
I am not going to be watching it tonight - I am not at home - but I will give it a quick view tomorrow...
I imagine that it will not be too different than the last episode. 
Interesting? Yes - I am a bit of a voyeur and love to see how other people live
(I am a Hoarders and Real Housewives FANATIC!!!).
Far fetched, staged and unrealistic?  BIG YES!!!

Please, Please, Please as you watch tonight - which I know several of you will - do 
not compare your trips to this!  Do not think that this is the "norm" for 99.9% of couponers.
These trips were staged and the show makes no secret of that - one of the couponers featured spend 5 hours checking out and had to call Albertson's corporate office for approval to do the trip.
Who has 5 hours?
Almost every time I shop I have my two girls in-tow,
I do make a detailed plan of my trip - above is my CVS trip this week which started at $47 and ended up
being $0.84 after my ECB's ($13.84 Out of Pocket, $13 in ECBs for a future trip) - it took me less than 15 minutes to shop and about 10 minutes to plan.
My trips are quick and concise - I wouldn't have it any other way, nor do I have the time to. 

My hope is that you will be a little more excited about couponing - which is never a bad thing - but
that you also do not take it too seriously.  The fact of the matter is that it is reality TV and we all know at this point that "reality TV" is not actually real.

Another concern is that this will make stores change their policies and stop accepting coupons.
Let's keep in mind that these stores are cooperating with TLC to film these programs - they could 
very easily not allow these over the top trips to happen.
The bottom line is that it gives these stores FREE advertising as "coupon friendly" stores -
I doubt they will pull the rug out from under us :).

Watch and enjoy - we will all have to discuss tomorrow.

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