Monday, April 4, 2011

Meal Planning Mondays - April 4th

And so begins week 5 of Meal Planning Mondays.
As I have said before, this is something that I have struggled with for years
and I have finally made the breakthrough and committed to doing this each week.

If you are wondering why this is so important to me then let me give you a 
few things to think about.
Meal planning takes me less than 20 minutes a week, I have a great recipe binder that I 
can flip through every week (I tear out recipes from magazines, hole punch and add).
I also have created a list of my families favorite recipes - these are things that I know by heart.
I try to keep all of the non-perishable ingredients stock-piled so that I can make a quick meal any time.

Meal Planning has also slashed my already pretty low grocery bill - 
I am spending about $30-45 a week on all of my families needs 
(food, toiletries, paper products and a few odds and ends)
Before couponing when it was just my husband, myself and a baby on formula I would 
very easily spend $200+ a week - gasp!!!
I have slashed my bill by nearly 80% from 5 years ago - 
rising food prices don't scare me anymore.

I am also able to cook food in batches and use that through out the week in other meals.
For example, I will cook 4-5 large split fryer breasts in the crock-pot,
 pull it off the bone and use it through-out the week 
for meals.  I can make chicken stir fry one night, chicken casserole a few days later and
maybe a little chicken salad for lunch.
This is not only cutting my time in the kitchen way down it is keeping my grocery bill low -
I buy the chicken when it is less than $1 a pound and freeze several packs.

I am also able to control what my children are eating and ensure that they are
getting wholesome and nutritious meals.
I love the time I get to spend with my girls preparing the meals and
we are able to sit down as a family in the evening and spend time together.
In the past there would be a lot of indecision about what to have, last minute trips to the store 
or a less than healthy meal tossed together at the last minute.

All that being said, here is this weeks meal plan.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin
Green Beans

This is a time consuming thing to make but I am craving it!

(I am using Zucchini or avocado instead of cucumber)

Using leftover pork from Monday


Cooking out

Will probably use the leftovers from the Black Bean Soup

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  1. I like pasta very much. Thanks for the Greek pasta salad recipe. :)