Friday, April 29, 2011

Tornado Devastation - How you can help

I know that I have several readers in the Chattanooga area and other areas
outside of Knoxville that have been effected by the tornadoes and storms that
occurred earlier this week.
And I know that I have super wonderful readers that really want to help.
 I encourage your to head over to Time2Save, they are bloggers in Chattanooga and
have really taken charge of keeping people updated on what and where to donate.

If you have the ability please consider making a donation,
there are thousands of people who literally have been left with 
nothing but the clothes on their back and anything at this point 
will help.

Back here in Knoxville we can help too.
is helping the families affected here in Knoxville,
you can contact them about donations and contributions HERE.

A reader also emailed me that Food City on North Broadway 
was going to be a collection spot from 5-7pm this evening - 
I have called Food City but cannot confirm it, Food City is not
taking the donations, it seems to just be a meeting spot.
But if you have some items to 
donate and are close to Food City then stop by.

Please if you know of any other ways to help email me or leave a comment below.

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