Monday, April 4, 2011

Where to get the ***HOT*** $5/1 Similac Coupon!

Not surprising, Knoxville DID NOT receive the $3/1 or $5/1 Similac 
Coupon that was scheduled to be in the SS insert this past weekend - but fear not!!!
You can still get it!
Head over to Coupons Unlimited HERE, Rebecca has them in stock ready to ship!
The $5/1 are $0.50 each (no limit on how many you can purchase) you have to spend $5 on a minimum order - that is 10 coupons
or $50 of FREE Formula when you use these at Walmart where the ready to feed bottles are less than $4.
You will actually make money on each bottle you purchase!

Hurry to order them, they will probably sell out fast!

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