Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Giveaway time!!!

You know what we haven't done in forever???
We haven't had a giveaway!
I think it is that time again, but this time there is a catch ;)

I have a $50 Target Gift Card to give away and
you have the power to make the giveaway happen.

Right now Knoxville On A Dime is at 1,678 "Likes" on 
So how about when we get to 2,000 I will give the card away?
If you are already following Knoxville On A Dime on Facebook then you are
entered - all you have to do is suggest it to your friends.
Do that by either clicking on the "Welcome" tab or the "Suggest This" tab 
on the left hand side of the Facebook Page.

Want more giveaways?
Help get Knoxville On A Dime to 3,000 followers and I will
have all sorts of stuff to giveaway - like another Target Gift Card, 
a coupon binder or two created by yours truly and other 
gift certificates and fun stuff ;)

Are you up for the challenge?
Head over to Facebook HERE and suggest away!!!

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