Wednesday, May 11, 2011

J'aime Kirlew finally speaks and admits Barcode Matching - and is still doing it!

My oh my oh my....
There is a VERY interesting article in 
the Wall Street Journal's Smart Money section with none other
than J'aime Kirlew from the 1st episode of Extreme Couponing.
If you remember correctly she was featured on the show slashing an
enormous grocery bill to almost nothing.
The following day she was "featured" on almost every couponing
blog in the United States because of allegations of Coupon Fraud.
Well, after total silence for weeks, she has finally done an interview and 
you have to read it!.

It includes a statement from Bud Miller, director of the CIC that reads 
as follows:
"Coupons are a contract and the controlling barcodes are merely a method of processing coupons, so any use of a coupon to produce a product other than stated in the plain language of the coupon is considered fraudulent."

Here is a little excerpt of J'aime's interview

You matched barcodes, as long as they worked, rather than products, right?
Do you believe that was the right thing to do?
Yes, I believe that I have done nothing wrong. I’ve even had managers take my purchase and check me out. They’ve told me, “If the coupon goes through at my register, I’m getting reimbursed for it.” I have never been approached by anyone in authority telling me to do something different.
Will you change your methods now that manufacturers are changing the barcode system?
I do not intend to change my shopping habits unless or until the code changes.
I am truly speechless folks - head over HERE to read the entire article.                                                  Thanks BBM


  1. She disgusts me. Fraud is fraud, J'aime, or did you not learn about fraud in your paralegal career?

  2. She is delusional! The CIC Director was very clear what constitutes fraud and her answer does not even relate to his statement. He didn't mention copying coupons, he was talking about using the coupons for a purpose other than what it is intended for or what is stated in "plain language".
    It's pretty dummy proof I think.
    What's worse is that now she is playing the victim - claiming to be a scapegoat and abandoned by TLC and complaining about all of the people who have been not so nice on Facebook and Twitter...what did she think was going to happen?