Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is Recycle Bank?

So after a  post that I made a few weeks ago I have had several people
ask me, "what in the world is Recycle Bank?".
Recycle Bank is all about encouraging citizens to become a little "greener".
Unlike plain old recycling, Recycle Bank rewards you for doing your part to
make the world a little bit greener.

How does it work?

First you have to become a member - you can do that HERE.  Next you will want to explore all the ways that you can earn points.  You can sign up for home recycling - this is not available in all parts of Knox county.  If curbside pick-up is not available to you through Recycle Bank then you can also do other activities to earn points. 

 You can refer your friend or you can pledge to do certain tasks.  For example, right now you can pledge to recycle your Kashi Cereal Boxes or Ziploc bags.  You can even send in old electronics for FREE to be recycled in exchange for points.

What to do with your points?

The possibilities are endless. Seeing that we are a bunch of crazy couponers I love to cash in points for coupons!  Today you can grab a $1/1 Coke Product coupon or a $2/1 Kashi Coupon.  These coupons are randomly discounted so you can grab them for just a few points.  You can also exchange points for gift cards to places like Panera, Home Depot, Walmart and more!

So even if your interest is only to print awesome high value coupons you have to step up your green game in order to do it. Head over HERE to sign up for Recycle Bank.  Also check out my post HERE about FREE curbside pick-up in Knox county through Recycle Bank!

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