Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Would you like to be a guest blogger on Knoxville On A Dime?

It's that time of year!!!
And by "that" I mean vacation - we were not
sure if we would go this year (with my husband changing jobs)
but fortunately we are headed to a lovely beach and a lovely home and
I am soooo excited!!!

While I will continue to post during that week, it will not be on any sort of schedule.
So I thought that I have all these incredible readers who are just as good at all this
couponing stuff as I am - or at least have a hilarious
story to share (as we all do).
I would absolutely LOVE for you all to write guest posts that I can publish during the week.
I truly love when you share your experiences on Facebook so if 
you would like to share a 
shopping trip brag, a shopping trip nightmare,  a great idea for frugal summer fun, a frugal recipe, a shopping tip or trick or anything coupon - just send me an email with your post.  
Feel free to add a picture and links (I can get it all formatted so don't worry about that).
Add any info about yourself or it can be totally anonymous.

Send your emails, guest posts and questions to CouponKitty111@gmail.com.

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  1. Oh man....Here in Albany, Oregon My husband went to go pick up some doublers for me at Albertson's and the store clerk told him that someone came in on Sunday to buy a paper and stole ALL the doublers from them....So they have no more. They are going to honor anyone who wants to come in and use the Manf. coupon if they lay it all out at first....but there is a rumor about them going to the same standards as Safeway, which I guess is only one sheet per family...Really goes against coupon etiquette for sure!! Shame shame!!