Monday, June 20, 2011

Hobby Lobby - T-shirts for $1.50, Flip Flops for $1.47 + 80% off Home Accents!

If you are near a Hobby Lobby this week
you can stop in for a few cheap T-shirts!
They are 50% off making the kid's Ts just $1.50 and
the Adults $1.99!
This is perfect with the 4th of July coming up!
You can design your own shirts or let the kids 
tie-dye their Ts for a great little craft during a cookout!

Flip Flops are also 50% off making them $1.47-$1.77.
There are also 4 aisles of Home Accents that are 80% off!

I love Hobby Lobby :)

By the way, head over HERE to MiBello to check out some DIY 
bows that you can add to your flip-flops to dress them up a bit!

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