Monday, June 27, 2011

Walmart - Possibly FREE Gillette Razors?!?!?!

Oh how I hope I can find this deal tomorrow!
I have apparently done a very poor job in explaining to my husband the reason 
behind stockpiling.
He seems to think it is a challenge to use his toiletry items as quickly as possible,
I do it so that I am not constantly getting the text 
"while you are at the store can you pick up some new razors?"

Rumor has it that you can find the Gillette Fusion razors in the travel section
for $4 each!
There was a $4/1 in the 6/5 PG insert that will make these a FREEBIE!
Keep in mind that the PG coupons are limited to 4 coupons per transaction so 
if you have more than that you will have to break your transactions up.
Thanks Janea

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