Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm back!!! And it is time for the big change!

It really should not be so hard to be away from a computer and cell phone :)
I am finally back from the yearly trip away to the lake where internet and
cell service are non-existent.

I am also ready to make my big switch and tell you all what I have been doing behind the 
scenes for the past couple months. 
I am not only switching from Blogger to Wordpress -
which probably does not sound that exciting to most of you but is very exciting/daunting for me -
I am also changing the name of my blog to Real Housewives Clip Coupons.
This was a hard decision to make - first and foremost I do not want to loose any of 
my wonderful readers, you are all very supportive and encouraging and so enthusiastic about 
coupons that it keeps me excited about it too!
It's also hard because I have to switch a lot of things over to keep you from having to make any changes.
If you are already an email subscriber then I will hopefully be able to switch the feed over so that you do not have to resubscribe.
I will also set the current Facebook page so that it automatically updates -
I do encourage you to follow Real Housewives Clip Coupons of Facebook however.
I have always hand posted my Facebook posts which allows me to keep you all updated on freebies and coupons that I do not make posts about but just provide a link to.
The KOD Facebook page will turn into an auto-feed so there is a chance you will miss out on some things.
I will also keep my current Twitter Account 
and I have created a new account for the new site HERE.
My Twitter account has always been on an auto-feed so this should not change much if
you are a Twitter follower. 

So after today (August 1st) head over HERE to
All of the content from KOD has been copied and moved over.
I am still tweaking and adding things and moving other things around -
as always, I love your suggestions!!!

And off I go.........

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