Kroger 101

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Kroger Shopping 101
Kroger is absolutely my favorite grocery store to shop at.  I look back on my pre-couponing days and cannot believe how mindlessly I shopped and just threw things in my cart.  Kroger shopping is in no way complicated however, there are a few little tricks that make for some great deals.

Kroger Plus Card
Don’t leave home without it.  You have to have one of these to be a successful Kroger shopper.  You can get one at the customer service desk.  You have to have this card to get the sales and deals.  This card also earns you points that can be redeemed for cents off gas at Kroger gas stations and Shell stations.  For every $100 (pre-coupon) you spend you will get $0.10 off per gallon of gas…If you spend $500 in a month you will get $0.50/gallon.   Once you have your card you will want to register online HERE.  Make sure to update your current mailing address because they will mail you some fantastic coupons usually with a freebie or two included.

Double Coupons
Here in Knoxville, Kroger doubles paper coupons up to $0.50.  If you live somewhere else this may vary; in the Mid-West they double coupons up to $1 (a girl can dream).   This means when you give them a coupon for $0.25 you get $0.50 off or is you have a $0.50 coupon you will get $1 off.  There are several coupons that will say “Do Not Double” however the computers at Kroger automatically do it anyways – if you don’t tell then I won’t either.   There is no limit on how many coupons you can double and you don’t have to reach a spending limit to get the double coupons (like you do at Ingles). 

These are the best thing since sliced bread (I have turned into my mother).  These are such a fantastic way to get some extra savings at checkout.  There are currently 5 sites that offer these eCoupons
·         Cellfire
·         P&G eSaver
·         Shortcuts
·         Upromise
These coupons will not be doubled but they can be used in conjunction with paper coupons.  You will want to be very careful when using these, if you do not purchase the exact item or combination of items your eCoupon will not come off.  You will have to register at all of these sites and enter your Kroger Plus Card number in order to add the coupons. 

Mega Events and 10 for $10 Sales
These are the two big sales that Kroger has going on a regular basis.  There are always 10/$10 sales.  This is usually where I will stock up on free toothpaste. You do not have to purchase 10 items to get the sale price.  If you purchase 1 item it will be $1.  This also applies to items that are 2/$3 or 3/$5, etc…
Mega Events are a little different and you have to pay a bit more attention to what is going into your cart.   Most Mega Events require the purchase of 10 participating items to get $5 off your total bill (this can differ depending on the sale). There is no limit on these discounts – buy 20 items and you will get $10 off, buy 30 and you will get $15 off.  I will typically create a separate section of my cart (I use my purse) and put marks on my shopping list so I can keep track of how many participating items I have purchased. When you can combine these Mega Events with paper and eCoupons you will see amazing savings. 

Manager Specials
This is my Monday morning ritual.  These are items that are not out of date yet but will be in the next few days.  This is the perfect time to stock up on meat, produce and bakery items.  I suggest checking the item before purchasing and using or freezing it the day you purchase it.  In my home we eat a lot of chicken and I can typically find chicken breast for less than $1 a pound in large packs. I come home and break it into smaller portions and cook or freeze it right then. 

If you are a smartphone owner (iPhone or Droid) you will also be able to find free apps for Cellfire and Kroger.  These are great when you cannot remember if you loaded something or can't remember what the requirements were for you eCoupon.  Kroger shopping can be a lot of fun and typically the cashier gets just as excited about your savings as you do.